Monday, October 31, 2011


 Preschool parade
 Elementary school parade

 Trunk or Treat at church
 LuLu and her happy pumpkin
 Some serious carving going on here!
 Cute Grahamer
 Me trying
 to get
 at least one good shot???? I give up.
Cute LuLu with her loot!

Hope you all had a fun Halloween!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy 9th Birthday Graham!

 So if someone could tell me
 How we went from this to 
THIS in a 2 second flash...
Oh my BABY!  
I am so happy to watch him grow up but does it give any other mom so much heartache at the same time?  
He had a great time with all of his buddies at his birthday party Friday night.
 Lauren had the most fun of all....just wait until these boys are 16 and she'll really be glad she has older brothers then!
 Seriously, these boys are just cute.  And they are so nice. I'm so happy he has GOOD friends, you know?
   They watched National Treasure and had pizza and way too much junk food!
Dan brought him McDonald's for lunch today and ate with him and we brought doughnuts for him to pass out to his classmates.  After school got out we told him and Greg that we needed them to get flu shots - but ended up at the movies to see "Real Steel." 
(Great movie by the way!!
We ended the day at grandma and grandpa's for cake and ice cream.  It was a fun weekend of celebrating for him!

Happy Birthday Grahamer!  We love you!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Gardner Village for Halloween

 I had a few errands to run and I still wanted to do something fun with the kids so I took them to Gardner Village to see the witches!
 They loved looking around and seeing what all the crazy those witches were causing!
 "Make a scary face!"
 This was Lauren pretty much the whole, entire time.
 The boys thought this was hilarious of course.
 I took them into Sweet Afton's for a little treat....
to tide us over....
 until we got the the bakery for a pumpkin cookie.
 Eating these is serious business!

All was well until the sugar kicked in and then this happened: 
My kids went CRAZY of their own.
 Graham on sugar is like a someone fed him speed. 
 Blurry pictures because he can't stop moving!  Then, Greg follows his big brother's awesome example!
 We made it outside without anyone breaking anything (success!)
 And Graham gave us all a very educational speech on how waterwheels work and what they are for.
 It was a very nice way to spend a fall afternoon.  I'll just do the cookies LAST next time!
Not to worry anyone, but I've had a few medical scares over the past few months.  Tomorrow I am heading downtown for a big ta-do type of test (not looking forward to the IV, yuck!)  

Dan took the day off to be with the kids while I go get this taken care of and hopefully everything will be okay.  But if you feel like sending some positive thoughts my way I would sure appreciate it!! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Family Pictures

So I finally talked myself into doing nice family pictures.  

Do things like this stress you out?  

They stress me out big time.  Planning what everyone is going to wear, my hair, getting there on time, looking 20 pounds thinner, my hair, you get the idea.  But we haven't done one in years and so I threw my vanity to the wind and made the appointment.

It went really well.  I am not kidding though, we were up in one of the Wasatch Mountain canyons and it was COLD!  

Dan was a great sport even though he was cracking jokes like, "We ALWAYS hold hands and walk up the sides of mountains at 6 p.m., don't we?"  

Greg and Graham did great and smiled nicely as long as the potty jokes kept coming.  When they didn't, the faker smiles came out and Greg couldn't look into a camera lens to save his life. 
The scenery/backdrop was maybe everyone will notice that instead of the fact that I could FEEL my hair going flat and frizzy.  Poor Lauren was just a cry baby the whole time she was so cold!  Sad!
 LuLu had on a little velvet shruggie with a fur collar....and she wouldn't strike one pose.  Of course we get home and she strips down and the posing begins as soon as she sees my camera.  What???
Me giddy with the thought of not having to do this for another 7 years.  (Ok, maybe sooner....)  But still, SO glad it's done!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Memories Giveaway Winner!

 Lauren has pulled a name out of her hat for the My Memories Suite Giveaway winner......

Congratulations to EMILY!!

And don't forget....
They are also offering a Share the Memories code that provides a $10 discount off the purchase of the My Memories Suite Scrapbook software and a $10 coupon for the store  

Just use STMMMS97297 as your promo code for the discount!
I've been a busy girl this week so I've only played around with it a little - but I can already tell you - HOLY COW!  It is SO EASY!  I am thrilled for this great chance to giveaway this awesome product and start getting my pictures together!

Emily,  I'll be contacting you!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Laundry Turned Mud Closet

Fall is here and we've been starting to break out our sweatshirts and I'm looking through the kids winter gear to see what is needed.  I am absolutely giddy that I now have a place to put things!

Dan the man has been hard at work again!  We originally had our laundry upstairs on the main level. IN THE HALL CLOSET.  A man MUST have designed that!  Who DOES that?  This being our first home and moving in with only three of us, it seemed like a non-issue.
 Original Hall Laundry Closet
It became a huge issue when we added two more children to the mix!  Laundry overflowed into the hallway and was often piled up in our master bedroom. 
Super romantic, right?
With doors open.   The builder couldn't even put a light in there, Dan added that shortly after we moved in!

Now that we have a new laundry room downstairs in the basement (*pictures to come next week I hope!) We decided to use this space for  much needed extra storage.
My new mud closet!  
Dan installed bead board backing and we carefully covered up all the laundry access.  With a master on the main, if we sold this house to an older couple & they ever wanted a main floor laundry, it could be converted back. 
Lauren, Greg and Graham each have their own shoe basket, section of hooks and cubby above to store hats, gloves, dance bags, etc. 
 Cute hooks from Lowe's - can I tell you how much I love that store? 
 We also picked up some pine corbels for dividers there.  I had wanted some chunkier ones but it just took up too much space.  So we went with the skinny ones.   
 Rounded shelves - I have mine with a basket for this and that.  
The rest will be holding kitchen appliances like my food processor that I use a lot, but don't really want out on the counter all the time.
Individual spaces above for each child.  Baskets from Target to hold their gloves, hats, Bey Blades, etc.  I'm going to get some holders for their books and paperwork that come home from school.

Above those you can see a really high long shelf.  I'll be storing a few of my front door wreaths up there. 

 I think I'll be quiet for awhile and let Dan work on his basement speakers before I come up with a new project for him!  I'm just so happy to have this done before winter!

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