Thursday, December 30, 2010

Getting Organized

Very few people know that I claim to be organized but I am actually NOT.  I know, I know, the ugly lies!  
It's all lies.

I juggle a lot of different responsibilities with church, my family, the kids school, and then there are the things I love to do like craft, blog, garden, read, cook, etc.  
This does not bode well in keeping my home organized.  

I'm going to guess that I have spent at least a weeks worth of time in 2010 looking for things that should've been easy to find and another week of my time cursing about not being able to find them.
Nothing like swearing about *where the bleep* are the church shoes are while you are getting ready to worship the Lord.   I am going to hell - I know it.

SO....I am linking up to a new blog I recently found called A Bowl Full of Lemons.  She is hosting a 21 days to being organized party or something like that.  
It starts of course on the 1st and I am planning on great things occurring here at home.  Not perfection, just improvements.  And I'm going to work on that sailors mouth of mine while I'm at it.  ;) 
So unattractive.  

Only one more day of 2010!  Have a safe and Happy New Year!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 Top Projects - Finishing a Basement!

I can hardly believe that this year is already almost over!  
It seems like the older my children get the faster time flies.  
It's been a busy year here!!! 

I don't have millions of pictures of organized drawers and cabinets, fabulous new furniture or anything like that to show you.
  It feels like a year where I've lost control of some things and learned a lot about other things.  Mostly me

Here we go:
 I painted a bathroom...
 We grew our first garden (and I canned salsa for the first time - muy bueno!)
 I made the coolest Popeye costume that you have ever seen....(or maybe it was the cute boy in it that made it so cool!)
 We have worked on a major home improvement project (uhhhh..Dan has done 95% of it all by himself) 
and gone from this....

 to this....
to THIS!!!
 The laundry/craft/flower room is almost done except for a few minor details.  And upper and lower cabinets.  Those will come soon enough...
And my once sad little food storage room that looked like this:
 Is now the home for my couponing stockpile!

 The best part about this year is that I feel like I keep falling more and more in love with this cute guy here...
and I am filled with more and more gratitude for this little family of mine...
I hope your 2010 was amazing in more ways than just a few Saturday projects to be blogged about.  

I'm excited for what 2011 has in store! 
(Carpet for SURE! Right, Dan?!?!)

Linking up to the party at Southern Hospitality and Savvy Southern Style!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

I'll be back next week!  
I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!!  
I am so grateful for the gift of friendship with so many of you! 

Monday, December 20, 2010

True Christmas Spirit

If you are lacking of the true Christmas Spirit this year, or just want some more (don't we all need more, always?)  


If you are not crying by the end of it then I don't know how to help you.  It's amazing what one person can do with the help of an awesome community of bloggers.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

White Chocolate Popcorn

Have you ever made this deliciousness called White Chocolate Popcorn?  
I got the recipe from my friend, Rachel and I now make it for Dan's co-workers and  for family members every Christmas! 

It's easy, quick and addictive  - so watch out! 
I'll post the recipe and how to over at my recipe blog
And don't get made at me for your families gobbling this up and then begging you to make another batch!

My best friend Kjersten came by with this yummy drink for me on Friday and eeeeekk!!  
Look at how super cute the drink cozy is!  She made it just for me!  Isn't it just sweet? 
 I love it! Thank you Kj!!

We have had a few parties this weekend and some fun times...I've been making a few of these gorgeous girls for gifts and orders.
I am loving the orange one!
I have a few listed in my Etsy's not too late to get it into someone stocking for Christmas if you hurry!  My last day to ship is Tuesday afternoon!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How to Write a Christmas Card

First, you remember that last year you vowed to make it simple.  And be done by December 1st.

Then you win a photo session with a local photographer and you need to wait until December 4th so you can use those darling pictures for your card.  
How did I not notice Greg left the house wearing Graham's cowboy boots?  This was the only moment Lauren was not screaming at Santa. 

Then you need to wait some more for the said photos to be touched up due to Santa having a hole in in pants.  Oops.  (Really?!)

Then you just accept the fact that getting all three minis in the same picture looking good together will not happen again this year so you call your friend, Natalie at Natty Sue Designs to do some Christmas Card Photo Magic!
Like she did last year...

She works her magic in less than a day!!  I LOVE her!  
Then I write a newsletter (Dan likes that we do this) that doesn't sound braggy or weird or boring.

While Dan picks up the photos at CostCo tonight I will address, stamp and fold the letters for the over 100 (large family) cards to send out.  

While I drink a cup of something from here...

and listen to Greg reading a story to LuLu.

Worth the wait...they'll get there before Christmas!
But NEXT YEAR...I'm keeping it simple!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Techie Alert!

Now please do not laugh at me about this!  
I am pretty computer savvy with most things but ever since I took computer classes in 6th grade (on prehistoric Atari type computers no less) I have thought learning computer programming was just.......

Wait, what?  
Did I put you to sleep too?  

But NOW there are so many things I want to learn about programming and I am rarely given an uninterrupted moment to learn them in!  
I know you understand.
I tried so hard to make a banner for my Etsy shop a few months back.

It turned out so bad I had to email my friend, Kat in the middle of the night to help me!  
I was laughing so.hard I was crying!

But tonight was different!  
I was excited
I was determined!

I had all my children asleep in this giant mess of a fort under the table:
Finally time to figure this out! 

And now I give you my new banner!

My Etsy shop is all matchie matchie now!
My computer programming husband was so proud of me. 
I emailed Kat for her approval. 
Now let's see if I can figure out some header tabs for this blog o mine!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Flower Hair Clips

Hammer!  Hammer!  Hammer!

Do you hear the delightful sounds of baseboards going in?


Dan has been working hard so we get our carpet out of that warehouse and into the basement! 

I've been waiting for my laundry/craft room to be finished before I set up my sewing machine - so I've been having fun making these little flowers for gifts instead of any major projects...

 I made a set of 16 for a woman who lives near me...look at all that gorgeous red satinyness  
(What?  You can't see it because of the poor quality photo?  Santa's working on fixing that problem I hope!) 

Only problem with these cuties is that I keep setting them aside for Lauren and I to wear!
I did list a few in my Etsy shop today...I guess I'll share, a little!