Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lego Late Over

For his birthday this year Graham wanted to have all of his friends over for a late over.  I thought Lego's would be the perfect theme since he is so into them right now.

I had my sweet friend, Natalie, who owns Natty Sue Designs make up this darling custom invitation for me. 
Super cute, right?!?

We served the boys pizza, salad and soda and one of the boys got overly excited when I told them they could eat all they want.  Food must be strictly rationed at that house. Ha!
 We played this game where I put random Lego pieces in a pan, gave them 2 minutes to look at everything and whoever wrote down and remembered the most correctly won. 
 Another game we played was each boy started to build something for one minute. The timer would go off and they had to pass what they were building to the next boy to keep working on.  This went on for 3-4 minutes and then the last boy would have to make up whatever the thing was.  I loved this - the boys were really creative with their descriptions!
 I got lazy smart and bought a giant cupcake cake - I just couldn't bring myself to bake and frost cakes all day long. I had the store make it look like the night sky and we put a Lego Jedi Starfighter figurine as well as a few character figures.  
 Dan put together all the Lego mini movies onto one disk and the kids watched this while they ate their cake and ice cream.  They were really fun and the boys loved it!
This was LuLu's 4th outfit of the evening....
I made rectangular sugar cookies and let the boys frost and decorate them to look like Legos to take home for later.  
The goodie bags filled with all the junk candy Graham loves - Lemonheads, Pop Rocks, Laffy Taffy, you name it. 

It was THE EASIEST birthday party we have ever thrown for Graham.  At one point Dan and I were just sitting on the couch and watching them play Lego's! When have I ever gotten to sit down and hang out at my kids birthday parties?  NEVER is when! 
It didn't cost us an arm and a leg and the boys had a great time.  Success!
 We ended birthday weekend with dinner at Grandma's and Grandpa's house with him getting the rock tumbler of his dreams.  He was thrilled and has big plans to make lots of things with polished rocks.  
My grandpa Rex had the coolest rock shop in his backyard and it makes me a bit sad - I think Graham would have loved to have seen that.  I would get 5 cents a jar for sorting rocks by color for Grandpa Rex...and I never could figure out why those rocks would get mixed up every.single.time I came to visit.
Now on to fun eight year old things!!  He went to his first pack meeting Tuesday night and is so excited to be a Cub Scout!
So far - eight is great!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ticket to Paradise

 Dan and I took Graham to downtown Salt Lake City Friday night.  He had no idea what we were doing, we just wanted to surprise him.  We first took him across the street to let him pick out his first set of scriptures and we had his name engraved on them.
 We then headed across the street to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. It used to be the old Hotel Utah and it is simply stunning inside.
 He couldn't resist going around and around in the front door.  Too funny.
 This building is sentimental to me.  I used to live about a block up the street from here when I was single.  Dan took me here on our first date for dinner and we spent many, many evenings walking around downtown and here just talking and getting to know each other. 
 Until one Sunday afternoon he walked me around until we went up these stairs...
 and he sat me down here in this chair and proposed.  We also had our wedding luncheon in the same building in the Bonneville Room and our reception in the Sharon/Manchester rooms.
 This was a fun night to just be with Graham.  We ate at The Roof and Graham loved the clear piano (the pianist played "Happy Birthday" for him) and he devoured the dinner rolls.  They have a really impressive dinner and dessert buffet - he was in heaven.

Mid 3rd plate of dessert he stopped to tell us "This is PARADISE!"
It was such a great night, we were so happy to spend some time just with him in a different setting than normal.  I hope I show him enough how special he is to me and how proud I am of him.

Happy 8th Birthday Graham!

I'm not sure how
 we've got an 8 year old today?
 I know everyone says this, but it feels like I just brought him home from the hospital!
 I prayed that he would get his daddy's dimple.  And he got the sweetest personality to go with it.
 He is absolutely his fathers son.  He wants to know how anything and everything works.  He always has a solution to fix something or make any situation go differently.  We call him "The Negotiator." or Grahamie, Grambuncious, Grammer or Grahamaroo.
 He is optimistic, terrific at math and expert Lego builder.  He loves school and being with friends.  He can also tell a side splitting knock knock joke. LOTS of them.
 He is becoming this amazing independent young man.  There is nothing baby about him anymore and that makes me sad.  Thankfully he still lets me give him lots of hugs and kisses still.
 He has a lot of big changes coming up in his life, he is excited to be baptized and start Cub Scouts.
 He looks so cute in a tie too. 
Happy 8th Birthday Graham!!! 
I'm so glad you are a part of our family and that you choose me to be your mom.  You are one amazing young man and I hope you have the happiest of birthdays!! 

Friday, October 22, 2010

Vampire Suckers uh, er Lollipops

Graham has to do a Show and Teach at school this morning.  So we put our thinking caps on and searched online for something that would be fun to teach, season appropriate and hello, a craft!

To make these you will need:  
  • Red cellophane
  • Lollipops
  • Black felt cut to cape shape
  • Twist ties
  • White address labels
  • Scissors
  • Peel and stick wiggle eyes

 Wrap lollipop in red cellophane square large enough to cover the entire stick.
 Place lollipop in cellophane on black felt cape.
 Attach with twist tie.
 Cut out two white triangles from address labels and stick onto vampire to make fangs.  Then glue or stick on two googlie eyes.
 "I vant to suck your blood."

It seems I was totally into vampires a year or so ago.  Edward isn't aging so well, he's not looking so good anymore...
Graham is excited to show everyone how to make this and I think this will be easier for them to grasp as opposed to some of the other topics my smart boy was coming up with!  

Isn't this cute to take to parties or just have for the minis as an after school treat?

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Kjersten!

I am REALLY late in the day posting this, but today was my best friend Kjersten's birthday.

With looks like ours we won't discuss ages. 
In my mind we still look 18 like this:
 With our 3rd of our trio, Danielle.  
I have known Dani since I was two and Kj moved to our town when we were 7? 8?  We were little.  We met when I was asked to show her where our Sunday School class was at church.
 We were in-sep-er-able!  
I mean it!  
There wasn't anything we didn't do together.  We were at each other's houses all the time, after going to early morning seminary and then school we would still hang out after school and then talk on the phone every night! 
 Except for rocking perms.  I don't remember Kj ever having one as rad as mine.  
Yes, I said rad.
We were roommates for awhile at BYU even - so much fun!  We each have three children now and I love that they are close in age and have fun together.  I love that she lives 10 minutes from me although we don't see each other as often as we would like to!

She is beautiful, funny, talented, crafty, smart, chatty and tender hearted. She is adventurous, brave, resilient, a great mom and wife, an excellent chef and so very thoughtful.  
She is one of the few people who knows me by a look or a word. 
I love that, don't you? 
That kind of friend you can just give a look to and then the giggles start? 
I have that with her and Danielle.
I am so lucky to call Kjersten my dear friend.

Happy Birthday Kj!
I hope your day was a beautiful one!
"Who's calling please?"

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Lake Effect

 Dan and I took the minis up to the mountains for some fresh air and a change of view. This is Silver Lake up in Big Cottonwood Canyon. 
 It was crisp and cool outside.  Perfect for an evening stroll.  This lake is awesome since it has a boardwalk trail all the way around it.
 Lots of cool rocks to climb on..
Lots of places to give daddy some sugar.
 Not enough people to notice my major fashion faux pas of wearing capris with tennis shoes (!!!)
 Lots of places to explore and discover.
 Or to be fearless and make mommy nervous.
 To find where wildlife has been.
 Ore pretend you are wildlife.
 Or just grin and be happy to be outdoors.
Or sing about Snow White and Barbie to your audience of ducks in the water to your hearts delight.
Or to just be happy you are in love and have a family.
(No, we did not carve that...I say it says, DK, Graham said it was OK but whatever)