Monday, September 27, 2010

Buying Flooring at CostCo

I've based this whole color scheme downstairs on sort of a beachie cottage look.  If I can't live by the ocean I'll bring it inland to me.

So CostCo had the PERFECT laminate flooring that I matched up to the carpet which matched to the paint.  Said flooring went on sale.  The stars were aligning....carpet was purchased.  Angels began to sing my interior designing praises...
And so we made a trip to CostCo...where they have had the flooring for over a year now. Can you tell Dan looks so happy to be there with me and two minis on a Friday afternoon.  Yeah, me neither.
 Of course we had to stop for lunch...Greg is a huge fan of the hot dogs there.
 Lauren says she is and then just takes two bites.  She is in the middle of a laugh here - such a funny face.
 We had to buy something that was not on the list but I wanted needed.  That is the CostCo rule, correct?
 And to my horror, I got home and we started to unload the car - and the thought "This doesn't look right" hit me.  I laid them side by side (the left being the one I want) and no no no...the newly purchased boards are lighter, more oakey and ALL WRONG.
Tell me you can see it?  It was glaring to me how not right these were.  So Dan was a saint once again and hauled all 10 boxes back to return them.

Good news is I found an exact match from I am just playing pricing hardball with two different stores.  I find out tomorrow which store wins and the order will be placed!  

What a mess, right?!  I could NOT be an interior designer for a living....good thing I dropped out of that major after two semesters!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Are You Sick of Paint Yet?

 Can you guess what is happening at my house this weekend?
Dan is going to Computer Nerd Code Camp all day tomorrow, my dad is taking boys to soccer games and my mom and I are busting a move on this 5 gallon mess o paint.

Color that won out after weeks of deliberations?

"Museum" by Kwal Paint
This gorgeousness is my laundry room that is now done. 
I love you Quiet Rain paint.
 See my fun new laundry chute on the ceiling?  That will go straight into a basket in a cabinet.
 To prove how neurotic I am.  Five sample jars of paint later that look pretty much the same.
 And this is what I'm tackling in the morning.  Wish me luck!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Choosing a Paint Color

Remember how I've lied to you mentioned twice that I had picked my basement paint colors.  Yeah, well, I have one room almost done and I'm STILL trying to find the ever elusive prefect grey-beige.

It's giving me a headache and putting second thoughts into my head on everything else I've picked.
 For our anniversary, the minis helped me make a special dinner at home (Dan and I are going out to celebrate next week when things aren't so crazy) Lauren was the first to grab a chair to help. 
She rolled this towel perfectly flat for a good 10 minutes. 
She also couldn't wait to taste the chocolate covered strawberries.  
Giving the spoon the ole stink eye.  Dan and I couldn't stop laughing when we saw this one.  She looks like a pirate chef!  Ha!

I have mom and me at the school with Greg, 2 soccer practices back to back and a ton of homework to help the boys with.  Not to mention cleaning my house, taking care of a huge pile of laundry and wanting to put out my fall decor (Still!!! NOT DONE!!)

Not to mention picking a paint color!!  I'm a little overwhelmed today.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nine Years!

 We met in December and I knew from our first date that I would marry him.
He proposed July 8th and 11 weeks later we were married.
Best decision I have ever made...I love and adore this man with all my heart. 
I love that I can say I married my best friend.
Happy Anniversary Dan!!  
It's been a great 9 years - here's to 100 more!

ps..I've been told I share the same anniversary with the Pioneer Woman as well as my friend, Cindy!  
How cool is that?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Quite the Scare

What a night!!

As we walked out of church yesterday the air was just thick with the smell of smoke.  We looked up to see the large plumes of smoke coming from behind the mountain range near where we live.  

That was at 4:00 p.m.

By 5:30 p.m the fire had crested the hill and it looked like an army of flames were just marching in. 

Neighbors started packing up to evacuate.  Dan wanted to wait it out, which I agreed with.  I was pretty nervous, but the minis were asleep and we thought we'd wait to see if we should leave.

Did I mention we get crazy winds out where we live?  Oh, and that's it's been fairly warm here the last few days?
Photo by Michelle Wade 
We are thankful for these great men who saved the day!!  Hooray for firefighters!
Booooo to the Utah National Guard who thought it would be an okay idea to have machine gun training.
Photo by Michelle Wade
I would be crying my eyes out if I had lived in one of these houses on the hill...look at HOW CLOSE it got to their backyards!!
The entire mountain - it was turning such gorgeous colors just this last week - now we will be looking at black yuck for awhile.

We did not end up evacuating.  I did have a few things set aside by my bed ready to go, jewelry, documents. 
I made a mental note that we own too much junk and it will be a good thing to make some copies and have a fire bag "ready to grab" that has everything in it. 

I went to sleep about 1:00 a.m.  Emailed my brother who is a writer for Headline News back and forth sending him links and pictures.  Back to sleep at 4 only to be awakened at 5:45 by school teachers telling us school was canceled.  

It was a looong night. 
I am so grateful that friends and neighbors had their homes spared.

Status report as of 6 p.m. Monday:

  • 3,500 acres burned
  • 1,600 homes evacuated
  • 5,000 residents displaced
  • 200 homes allowed to be reoccupied
  • 3 homes destroyed
  • 400 homes seriously damaged
  • 20 percent of the fire contained
  • 17 fire engines, 2 helicopters, 5 airplanes, 13 bulldozers used to fight fire

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fire Evacuation

Waiting to see if we will be evacuated....gathering up papers, etc.  I'm going to be sleeping with one eye open tonight.  
Not exactly the relaxing Sunday evening I was hoping for.
So far over 1250 homes evacuated...houses are burning.  Hoping we are far enough out of the fire's path to be safe.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Easy Halloween Decoration

Remember this little beauty that I made over a year ago?  I decided to make something similar for Halloween with some black frames just like them. 
I enlisted my resident artist.  Greg is really creative and gets pretty excited about things like this. 

So do I.  Glitter is a mess but who doesn't love all that sparkle?

I purchased small chipboard letters (.77 cents each) and let him brush the letters with Elmer's glue.  Then he sprinkled away.

We cut out spooky spiderweb paper down to the size of each frame backing and glued them on.  When the letters were dry, I hot glued them onto the center of each frame.  I did get rid of the glass for these since the letters stick out a bit.
Our finished product!  
A Halloween BOO! Done for under $5 WITH a five year old!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Raspberry Peach Freezer Jam

Dan and I made some raspberry peach freezer jam....

Does it look yummy or what?  It is so so good!  It only took us about an hour to make five batches worth.  
I also had enough basil in my garden to make this:
One whole cup of pesto!
Just in case I die and Dan doesn't know what the green paste in the freezer is or what to do with it!  
I keep thinking of more things I would like to can but honestly, the time thing is a huge factor.  
I did order my carpet hand shakily wrote out the hefty deposit check.  I'm not used to spending so much at once! 

Monday, September 13, 2010

I Adore Benjamin Moore

I have seriously a HUGE stack of paint chips in my home.  They are everywhere.
It's taken for-EVER to pick one.

I was determined it was NOT to be "Practical Beige."

Drumroll please....
Benjamin Moore's Litchfield Gray 
(which is not really gray at all)
Carpet is being ordered tomorrow, as is flooring.

I am such a happy girl!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Food Storage Room

What started out as a part of our huge basement has now been carved out into a nice little "L shaped" storage room.
Room for piling up construction junk until two weekends ago...
(Looking out into the rest of the basement) Dan and I primed and painted it.  He hung some nice lighting up as well.
We let the boys help paint the concrete wall side, they thought that was great fun! Almost as fun as arranging the cans.  Graham helped for all of 10 minutes.  Greg stuck with me to see every can perfectly facing forward.  He is for sure my son!
Dan laid carpet and padding down that my friend Kjersten had given us as scraps so my feet won't freeze in the wintertime.  We bought 4 more CostCo shelves to hold our stockpile/food storage down here thanks to his bonus from work last week!
Going into the original cold storage space...
Still a work in progress, but at least the food is kept separate from all my dishes and odds and ends.  
Looking back towards the new part...the one wall will just have bins stacked of the kids clothes, etc.  

You have NO idea how excited I am for this!  
My pantry upstairs in the kitchen is just tiny so this affords me the extra space to put our food storage.  I know this is a foreign concept to some but I love having extra food, toiletries etc. on hand, especially during the winter months so I don't have to head to the store with three children in the snow!  
And the best part is....NOTHING in my food storage/stockpile cost me more than $1.00!!  I am really into using coupons and have done all of this while bringing down my grocery bill from $600 a month to about $200 or $250 per month for a family of five!!  
Just by combining using coupons with sale prices.

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