Wednesday, April 29, 2009

At Least No One Has Done Drugs...(yet!)

I'm back!!!
I'm finally feeling a little caught up with things.

After about 40 loads of laundry, soccer games, waiting in line for over an hour to sign the boys up for swim lessons, and a weekend of cleaning and trying to get organized - I'm feeling a lot more "with it." It was a great weekend, had a fun night out with my BFF Kjersten (we are trying to get all the time in we can before she moves!) and a great family birthday party to celebrate my brother in law, Nate.
I even played hooky from church just to have some one on one playtime with Lauren. I rarely get that with her and it was nice just to be with her, snuggle and play!

There have been some setbacks though...

Greg decided to play tattoo parlor with the girl across the street. Um...two days later it's still on his arms after much scrubbing. Better play with markers than with scissors I guess, right? (RIGHT?) We had a little chat about how we treat out body and we don't ink it up.
And LuLu has decided to be a table dancer. I cannot get her down from here - every time I turn around she is blaring "Single Ladies" from my ihome and dancing on the table. Tips will be few and far between with a costume like that though. I won a giveaway!! I recently started reading this cute blog Ducks in a Row and I was shocked to have Laurel email me to tell me I won a cute pillow with my monogram! Lauren was almost a Laurel by the way. I think it looks really cute with my furniture too!!
Thank you so much Laurel!!

Carpets are getting cleaned today too. Whew!! Sometimes it's all too much and you wonder how everyone around you is pulling it off so effortlessly. Or at least faking it so it looks that way. Our calendar is packed already for May, we are making our family list of things we want to do this summer, does anyone else do this? I don't want the months to fly by and wonder where the time went!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Can't Find the Camera

I have too much going on at home.
Too many decisions to make.
And I'm becoming much too hard on myself.

I've been up half the night after having a bad dream. I rarely (if ever?) have those but after this one I couldn't get back to sleep. I'll be paying for it in the morning!

So I am taking a little bloggy break. I'll be back next Monday. Just need to de-clutter my house and head. Get the kids some clean clothes and fill the fridge. You know, all the boring but necessary stuff.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Excuse My Manners for ONE Moment...

This is to the kid who decided it would be cool if he slapped my son at recess today and yelled in his face:

He has reported you, I have spoken with the teacher and we will find out who you are.
You should be a REALLY scared 5 year old right now.
You picked a sweet, nice kid who has a really.super.mean mom.

You don't mess with my kids.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

One Wall Down....

What? You thought this would be about my basement?
Of course it is - but you have to look at a cute LuLu picture first!
She looks cute but she is pure evil...dumping out my make-up (she figured out the drawer lock) she sets her sights on destruction every which way she turns and leaves a path to deal with later that makes mommy very, very tired. Then she looks at me all innocent and all I can say to her is "Give me a kissie sweet girl!"
One wall done...well maybe more after tonight. My dad and Dan are working hard down there. So far I love the water softener we put in (WHATEVER.) I know I will love it? Right now my hair is as straight as a ruler and the water tastes like bleh. Dan says it will take about a week. Three more days people and if I hate my water I have to get a fancy filter. I cannot have gross water in my house. Do you know how much water I drink? I LOVE it. I drink TONS! (Ok, a lot.)
Cute helper Greg. He gets his little hat, grabs his plastic saw and hammer and is ready to work!! It is the cutest thing I have ever seen. He loves to be a helper. God love him for that. Speaking of which, Jesus is "talking" to him and often. I hear daily how "Jesus told me I need to take a bath" and "Jesus said we need to go to Disneyland tomorrow." I've been writing these all down. I know I shouldn't laugh but I love that he is having these cute little conversations!

Monday, April 13, 2009

You Say It's Your Birthday?!

It's my birthday too!! Happy Belated Birthday to my awesome brother, Mike. We were born on the same day two years apart. I love this picture of him. It's not current (look at that thick head of hair) but it's one of the few I have of him and his great smile!
I loved sharing a birthday with him. He is cool, funny and someone I just love to be around. He has always treated me so great. I am so blessed to call him my brother. I love him dearly.

Mike and his wife Kelly sent LuLu her first Lilly dress for Easter. I thought she looked so sweet in it! (I have a feeling Mike knew nothing about this....thanks Kelly!)
Cute kids on the porch before church. I'm not sure where Greg's belt is. It was windy and freezing out so I got maybe three pictures. We might have a "re-do" photo shoot later in the week!
Easter morning. And no, LuLu did not eat that whole chocolate bunny.
Easter Bunny loot. The big hit? $1.99 microphones from Target!
At the church egg hunt and thoroughly enjoying a powdered doughnut. Graham discovered his first loose tooth this weekend. To say he is excited about this is an understatement.
Oh my gosh, please don't think I am a lame mom who gave her kid a Wal-Mart bag to go to the egg hunt with. Greg's basket broke in the basement cleaning and while I thought it would still be okay to use for a three minute hunt, to Greg it was unacceptable. He was near hysterics and begged for a grocery sack. He is so like me. He gets frustrated so easily and expects perfection. Poor guy. He recovered to have a great time and was pleased with his "loot."

The weekend was more Easter than birthday but I had some great friends who did nice things for me and I did get to sneak off for a pedicure in the middle of all the festivities. Dan and the kids spoiled with lovely gifts and it was a great day!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!
I hope everyone has a wonderful day celebrating!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Surprise!! Surprise!!

A little package was on the front porch for me. I literally let out a yell when I opened it up. I'd know that beautiful blue color anywhere! she is. The box alone is so pretty that it makes my heart go pitter patter. Who doesn't love a little Tiffany & Co. for a birthday present?

Now I know who it's from, my cute brother and of course his sweet wife whom I'm guessing did the ordering, but what could it be?
Ahhhhh!! I love it! Every room needs some sparkle and this bowl is just my style!
Even the children got a present! Pop! Pop! Scared Lauren to death until she joined in on the fun, then I couldn't stop her!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Start planning my funeral..

Greg asked me "how old are you?"
"Mommy's 36 for 2 more days baby."
Greg - "Oh, that is old. That means you are about to die!"

Um....everyone knows I want Starbucks frappachinos served at my funeral, right?
And copy my wedding flowers for the casket, aside from having my babies, my wedding day was the happiest day of my life.

That's all I can think of for now.
I'll have Greg fill you in on the rest since he seems to now more about it than I do!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Project Time!

Now that the garage sale is over I feel like I have more stuff than ever floating around. Probably because we are bringing up so much from the basement.

Like this snowman. He's so cute on the porch, but I've had him around about 6 years now and he's told me he wants a new home. I painted him you know. My friend Cathy gave me the kit and I was bored at home right after having Graham and went to town. I think he's cute, but it's just not my Christmas "style" any longer.

He's free for you to take home with you if you know my phone number or email me.
Just come and pick him up and get him out of my garage!

These cute boys are not for the taking. Isn't Dan cute with his helper Greg?
We now have the wood to frame the basement and our permit was approved through the city.
I know most people don't do this but it was the way we felt the most comfortable starting construction . Dan is honest to a fault and I love that about him.
Graham loves to help just as much as he loves Oreos. Too bad he can never hide the evidence on his mouth!
More helping this week. All I said was "I think mommy needs to clean the kitchen really well." and there were two cute helpers taking things out, wiping things down. We had a lot of fun and I had to document for when they are 15 and hate helping me. Now I am helping out MY mom! This is her famous recipe binder. I asked her for a recipe and we looked for 45 minutes to not even find it. Her Christmas gift from me was to organize it for her. Wish me luck, results to follow soon, I hope!!